Accused Sexual Battery in Arlington Virginia

Sexual Battery under Arlington Virginia Law

Sexual battery is a first class criminal offense that comes under Virginia law.  It is punishable in terms of 12 months in jail with a payable fine of $2500.00. In Arlington Virginia law, the offender of HIV-positive, syphilis or hepatitis B is punished for 5 years of imprisonment for committing sexual battery. On the other hand, a third sexual battery offense is known as six class Felony, which is punishable for up to 5 years of imprisonment. A person is accused of sexual battery in Arlington Virginia, when he abuses the victim sexually by force, intimidation, or taking advantage of victim’s mental and physical disability. According to the code of law, it is a crime committed by sexually molesting or arouse a sense of satisfaction of any person, where the accused intentionally touches the private parts. The motive of the crime is intentionally touching someone sexually without the consent of a person.  Thus, an individual accused of sexual battery in Arlington Virginia would face imprisonment of 20 years.

In order to get control over the victim’s will, it is essential for the accused of sexual battery of Arlington Virginia to force or threat  to get command over the victim’s resistance. The victim’s resistance is measured by the consequences of circumstances, which needs to consider the physical condition of the participant and the manifestation of the force. In this regard, a case appeared in the court of Virginia that the accused of sexual battery in Arlington Virginia took the victim in a remote area to commit the offense. The victim was so scared that she obeyed the orders to submit without any resistance. The court supported the victim’s appeal against the crime, which was done forcefully without her consent.

Conviction of third misdemeanour offense

If a person is accused of sexual battery violation of the law under the Arlington Virginia, which means an attempt of sexual battery violation code of 18.2-6-67.5 and 18.2-371 involving in an intercourse with a child, inappropriate exhibition of himself in violation of 18.2-387, or the court and the jury found the person is charged under illegal warrant, indictment, and has been convicted for more than two charges in the specified law within the duration of ten years, he will be considered guilty in the category of six class felony.   It is considered the most serious offense, and its outcome may result in maximum punishment.

Arlington Virginia Sexual Battery Crimes Lawyer

The lawyers are available to discuss your case at length and provide assistance that is effective and easy to comprehend.  The lawyers look out every legal option to defend your case in the courtroom and work hard to achieve the expectations of the client. This degree of dedication is essential in fighting the case against the sexual battery.  The laws against accused of sexual battery in Arlington Virginia are very complex, therefore one can benefit from consulting the lawyers to acknowledge the facts of the case and examine the available legal options to defend the case.

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