Are the sex crime laws in Virginia Strict enough?

According to the Virginia Law, a person who is convicted to any sexual offense is subjected to severe penalties and imprisonment by the court. Virginia court take serious measures to ensure that sex crimes are properly dealt and reduced. Therefore even if a person is accused for being a part of a minor sexual offense, the accused individual is asked to register as a Sex offender. This can impact very negatively on the individual’s life. Being registered as sex offender can impact both your personal as well as your professional life. Being charged as a Sex offender makes the offender socially awkward as they will no longer be able to socialize in the public as they used to do before being charged for this crime. People would not only acknowledge them as a sex offender but will also protect their friends and family members from them. The individuals would also be restricted to get the custody of their children and sometimes even visitation rights are taken away.

Are the sex crime laws in Virginia Strict enough?

Thera are some frequently attempted sex crimes that the state has to overcome. The Virginia court in particular, has defined almost twenty sexual crimes which are prohibited and will be severely penalized if attempted by any individual.

The majorly attempted Sexual violence cases often involve one or more of the following things:

  1. Forcible anal intercourse
  2. Forcible Rape
  3. Sexual penetration of a minor under the age of thirteen

Importance and need for Strict Sexual crime laws

The Virginia court has placed key importance on the negative impact of the sexual violence on the victim as well as on many people who are affected by this crime including the family members of the victim and the person who assaulted, the community, educational institute and the workplace environment.

Impact on individuals

The victims of the sexual abuse can face major psychologic and mental breakdowns, they would face difficulty while adjusting at all the socio-economical level and their routine life would be jeopardize due to the horrendous incident of their life. If a person is looking forward to take action against the offender the victim becomes subject to media attraction which causes further emotional trauma to the victim.  Apart for its negative impacts on the society, the people who have seen any sexual violence are even subjected to depression and insecurity in the long run. Often, acquaintances of the victim are involved in majority of the sexual abuse cases. Unfortunately even in the presence of strict laws most of these offenders are not subject to any charges as the victim remains silent.

Impact on Society

Many victims are reported to commit suicide after facing massive humiliation which is a result of sexual abuse in our society, even if they are not taking the assaulter to the court. The court also issues orders to protect the victims of sexual crimes who are facing depression or found to have intention of committing suicide.

Sexual Violence Laws in Virginia

Due to above mentioned and many other negative impacts of sexual violence on the victim, the family and the society; the court pays a lot of importance on developing and amending sex crime laws to strengthen the laws. This would help the law enforcement bodies to have control on the prevailing sexual assault cases in Virginia.

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