Cost of domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax County Virginia

When going through domestic violence and other family law matters, you need a trusted and capable domestic violence lawyer in Fairfax, Virginia to guide you. If you are searching for Fairfax VA domestic violence lawyer with capability to represent your concerns and protect your future. Look no further than SRIS Law Group. The first question which comes to your mind is how much does a domestic lawyer cost? It is scary to be accused of any crimes as you might lose your freedom. The SRIS Law Group strongly recommend you to contact our criminal defense lawyer and get your options and cost. There are several factors which determine how much a domestic violence lawyer cost for your case.

Domestic violence lawyers cost differ based on the several factors. What you pay for your case is directly related to your outcomes. However, the cost of hiring a domestic violence lawyer can range from $3000 to $20,000. Most of the law firms’ prepare a payment plan for their clients where they put down some ratio and make a regular payment until balance is paid off.

Factors to Determine the Cost of Domestic Violence Lawyer

There are some factors which will determine domestic violence lawyer cost.

  • Court location-civil, criminal or family court
  • Level of experience
  • Prior cases of domestic violence
  • Previous criminal record
  • Cases in felony or misdemeanor
  • Whether case will be taken to trial or not
  • Change involved (one or three sums of felony or misdemeanor)

The cost of hiring a domestic violence lawyer will frequently be reliant upon the knowledge and the expertise level of family law attorney. An experienced lawyer may cost higher but, it is also important to bear in mind that at times the cost will be justified.

If you are facing charges of domestic violence, it is very significant that you hire a lawyer with a solid understanding of the procedures of evidence, negotiation abilities, and the skill to declare convincing arguments. The attorneys at SRIS Law Group can handle your case at flat rate and hourly rate. Because of the diverse nature of charges we are unable to provide cost list online. However, we guarantee that the cost of your case will be settle in initial consultation.

We handle all criminal cases at flat rate which makes the process of billing very easy. We also handle family cases at hourly rate or flat rate. It is the client’s choice whether they want flat rate or hourly rate which will be settled after initial consultation. We are also providing certain payment methods which includes cash, personal checks, Visa, Discover and MasterCard.

If you need help with your case, contact SRIS Law Group and discuss your case with our experienced lawyers. Worrying about the cost of domestic violence lawyer is not the best option right now however, it will cost you even more if you failed to hire a potential attorney for your case.

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