DUI Lawyer in Maryland

Most of the defendants in the cases of drunk driving may have never been charged before and that is why when it happens it is natural to look for immediate answers to various queries related to punishment of imprisonment, suspension of driving license, security clearance, employment and more. An arrest for a DUI charge can be overwhelming and a traumatic experience and if you do not know where to turn for help, it will make you feel frightened and lost. In Maryland a charge of DUI is considered a serious criminal offense with possibly long term consequences, however, you must know that not everything is lost only if your charge for DUI in Maryland. Immediate action by an experienced DUI Lawyer in Maryland can have a positive and controlling impact on the resolution of the case and protection of your family and employment.

Most of times, individuals are not aware about the complicated DUI laws in Maryland. They may not know about their legal rights when they are arrested for the offense of DUI. For instance if you are charged for an offense of DUI in Maryland, you are not obligated to perform any field sobriety tests even if your patrol officer ask you to do so. You may be offered a PBT (preliminary breath test) right on the road bit it is not similar to the formal breath test performed at the police station. Therefore, it is the duty of the office to inform you that a refusal to PBT has no consequences and the results of PBT are not accepted at State of Maryland as an evidence against you. However, if the outcome of a PBT is in your favor, your DUI lawyer in Maryland will possibly help you to use it in front of the judge to prove your innocence against the charge.

If you have been convicted for DUI in Maryland, it is most likely that you will face a variety of possible punishments based on the severity of the charge of DUI. The most severe punishment in case of first DUI offense is an imprisonment for 12 months. In addition to that, you may lose your driving privilege, even before the verdict of your case.  Therefore, it is important to have a detailed information about the DUI laws in Maryland in order to form a successful defense.