How Virginia treats Internet solicitation of minors

Online solicitation is considered a serious criminal offense in Virginia. As the use of internet is increasing throughout the world, the world is experiencing new types of criminal cases which are negatively impacting the society. However, state is dealing the solicitation of minor very harshly and the punishment involved with online solicitation of a minor is very strict. If you are charged with any of such accusations, the most immediate step you should do is to take the help of Virginia online child solicitation attorney.

The government in many states of United States are too serious to dig into the cases of online solicitation that they have created a separate department with in the police department who looks into the growing online criminal activities which even includes online solicitation of minors.

What is online solicitation of minor?

Have you ever wondered that why the law enforcement authorities are arresting too many people for the solicitation of a minor? Online solicitation of a minor means that an adult individual is typically asking a minor through internet medium to meet him for any kind of sexual act. According to the Virginia law, a minor is any child who is under the age of 18.

Considering how sensitive this solicitation accusation can be, if you are ever accused of any such solicitation, you should contact Virginia online child solicitation attorney who would guide you through the harsh prosecutors.

Online solicitation is not limited to conducting a conversation with a minor with an intention of meeting them for sexual act, but it even includes many other illegal and unethical acts such as:

  1. Sending explicit content to any minor
  2. Sexually exploiting a minor
  3. Soliciting a minor to involve in the act of prostitution: Prostitution is conducting any sexual activity with another individual for the exchange of money
  4. Possessing child pornography: Child pornography took a boost since the internet became accessible to common citizen.

Punishment for online child solicitation

States deal any criminal offences involving minor very strictly and therefore have drafted strict punishment. Although the punishments vary from case to case however, the person found guilty for conducting any act of child solicitation face imprisonment along with heavy fines. It is important to contact a Virginia child solicitation attorney to get rid of these extreme punishments.

How can a Virginia online child solicitation attorney help you?

The lawyers have rich experience of dealing with fake child solicitation case and can get you through the harsh prosecutors of the state. They can ease the difficult cases by finding out the loopholes in the prosecutor’s case and laying up a defense strategy accordingly. If you have been contacted by any law enforcement agent for solicitation of any minor than chances are they have collected enough evidence to convict you in the case. These evidence can be in a written form through a conversation or it can even be a recorded interrogation. The police department in such cases are so skilled that half of the accused people confess of conducting the crime before even contacting Virginia online child solicitation attorney. Hence, it is recommended not to talk to any law enforcement agent before contacting an experienced lawyer.