Protecting yourself against false sexual battery accusations in Virginia

In the state of Virginia, sexual battery is also known as rape, a sex crime that involves forced sexual contact with another person without his/her agreement.

Getting accused of sexual battery allegations can be a very serious matter. Your life takes a drastic change for the worse. You are most likely to lose your job, your reputation, your family, everything you’ve worked for to get this far. On top of that, you might also have to serve some serious jail time.

But what if you have been falsely accused? Every other month we read about another man found innocent and released from prison because the allegations were later authenticated to be false. So, how do you prove yourself innocent?

Cooperate With the Investigation

Hire an Attorney

Sexual battery accusations is a severe and serious issue. You need to involve your lawyer or a criminal defense attorney in this matter. Your lawyer will be familiar with all the laws of sexual battery in Virginia and will assist you throughout the process. Your lawyer will defend you against the sexual battery charges that you have been alleged with.

Stay away from your accuser

Try to keep your distance from your accuser until you can legally defend yourself. A hearing will be arranged at the legal courthouse in Virginia where you can present your side.

Keep your emotions in control

You are most likely to feel enraged and frustrated of being accused of sexual battery. You will need to learn to control those emotions and stay calm to protect yourself.

Try to evaluate your accuser’s motives

With the help of your attorney, try to understand the intentions of your accuser for falsely accusing you of sexual battery. It may be that an ex is trying to get back at their partner, or a co-worker is jealous of their colleague’s success. Your criminal defense attorney will use his skills and capabilities to help you find out what your accuser’s motives are. Understanding the motives can further help you in your trial.

Thorough account of events

Present your attorney with full details about the events that resulted in the accusations. Take your attorney into confidence and don’t miss out any details. You never know what might be useful to your case.

Possible witnesses who can vouch for you

If there were any witnesses present at the time of you and your accuser’s interaction, take their help to vouch for your innocence and your character.

Know your rights

It is extremely important that you know what your rights are to protect yourself. If the police questions you, you are not obligated to say anything.